Benjamin A. Myers

Front End Developer

Skill Set

HTML: 99%
CSS: 97%
SASS: 85%
Javascript: 75%
jQuery: 60%
PHP: 66%
Bootstrap: 72%
Illustrator: 80%
Photoshop: 80%
Sketch: 85%



Clayton Homes: 2007 - 2017

Started in 2007 as a designer while also doing some HTML and CSS. In 2008 became a full-time, front-end developer using technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash. In 2009 transitioned to a back-end developer using ColdFusion as the primary back-end language on top of a SQL database. In 2013 began a shift to C# while still maintaining existing ColdFusion sites.

Pilot Flying J: 2017 - Present

Started working at Pilot Flying J on August 21st (eclipse day) as a Sr. Front End Developer responsible for building and maintening all external facing websites using technologies such as: HTML, CSS, SASS, BEM, MVC and Razor. Responsiblities also include giving guidance to user experience design.

Freelance Developer: 2007 - Present

All sites have been built using technologies such such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. Also responsible for overseeing site design but don't hold that against me.